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Your personal training program

directly on the EGYM machines

Training with EGYM+

Choose your personal training goal

With EGYM EGYM+ you can choose from five different training goals.

  • General Fitness
    A smooth increase in intensity with a medium training duration for a healthy fitness.
  • Athletic
    Fast speed of motions and explosive strength development for the improvement of springiness.
  • Bodystyling
    Alternation of long, less intensive and short, more intensive sessions for the shaping of the body (particularly established for women).
  • Muscle Gain
    Intensive exhaustion of muscle strength and slow speed of motions for muscle build-up.
  • Weight Loss
    A high heart rate and long exercise times in order to burn fat.
  • Reha Fit
    Isokinetic training protects your joints and reduces the risk of injury and overloading.

Adjust the training to meet your needs

With regular maximum strength measurements your training is constantly adjusted to your fitness level. By selecting gender and training intensity you personalize your training.


The training is adjusted according to your gender.

Training intensity

Define the desired training intensity of your training program!

Your personal training program is complete

EGYM+ creates your personal training program on the basis of the latest sports science insights. It is immediately available on the EGYM machines and guides you comfortably and automatedly through your training program.

This is how training works in the 21. century!

Your personal training program

Get EGYM+ now

Upgrade to EGYM+ now for a better training!