Various interfaces with leading fitness software and equipment manufacturers allow seamless data transfers and enhanced support.

This approach is progressively reducing the number of isolated solutions.

Member management

iDoo TAC Magicline e-solution Mac Centercom ProFit Konsequent Fitness Office Hector Studio Manager sysTeam agilea b.o.s.s. Club Planner ClubRight disdatas DMS Solutions eversports Heitz System IMASS Logifit PraxWin ProNummus ProviSport Softwert TerraSoft Theorg T-Innova

Equipment supplier and test suppliers

matrix scotfit fle-xx Cardioscan InBody ACCUNIQ ERGO-FIT for me do Precor

(in development)

Pulse Fitness

Apps and devices

Nokia RunKeeper Fitbit Netpulse Polar