The eGym Trainer app

Optimal support for members in the gym

All trainers have immediate access to relevant member data in the actual workout area.

Usage is independent of the equipment installation

Highest support quality

Constant access to each members training data allows more personal and effective support.

Targeted messages

Communication at the right time: if exercises have not been completed, a contract is due to expire or a new training plan is about to start.

Perfect organisation of training

More efficient processes relieve trainers of time-consuming routine tasks, freeing up more time for personal interaction with customers.

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Perfectly coordinated with eGym strength equipment

Used in conjunction with the eGym stations, the Trainer app offers additional features to further streamline a gyms support processes.

Optimised for the iPad Mini.

Available free of charge in the App Store.

What our customers have to say about eGym

Ralf Kriegel

Ralf Kriegel

Regional Manager at Elements

The eGym Trainer app has allowed us to further improve the quality of support in our clubs – with such high numbers of members, it is impossible for trainers to know everything about each customer. The app provides real added value in this respect, we use it at all our gyms.

Over 700 gyms already trust eGym

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Trainer app

Digitalisation helps: Mobile software paves the way for more targeted member support in gyms

Digitalisation is gaining ground and has now also made inroads into the fitness market. When it comes to selecting a digital package, there are various important points to bear in mind about the fitness software market. In general, it is still difficult to find innovative software offering gyms direct added value in comparison with their existing solutions. Switching to a new solution or implementing a complementary management software package usually involves high costs. In the worst case, the system does not live up to its promises. Digitalisation in the fitness market is creating lots of opportunities to generate added value for gym members, including faster data management, more effective achievement of goals and more targeted service. Digital and online solutions can help a gym to stand out from its competitors. A detailed examination of the concept is therefore a useful exercise for operators. Because the right software generates direct improvements in member support. But what actually is good support and what benefits does it bring gym operators and the gyms long-term survival?

Improved customer loyalty and acquisition: good member support attracts and retains customers

Member support is a challenge that is often underestimated. In many gyms, this aspect is overlooked in the workout area. Some gyms assume that employing qualified and licensed trainers, such as sports instructors or physiotherapists, will automatically equate to high standards of member support. Others choose animation as the answer for optimal member support. In both scenarios, this is not necessarily the case. To create customer loyalty and stand out from the competition, you need to go even further.

Requirements for optimal member support

Important points to observe for high-quality member support:

  • Make sure that trainers and gym operators have sound knowledge of member support concepts.
  • Implement and apply an established support concept in the gym.
  • Draw up a long-term strategy and follow it consistently.
  • When selecting employees, pay attention to soft skills.
  • Use innovative training concepts.

Member support is a complex area and sound knowledge is essential to ensure professional and effective implementation. Digital support is now also available. Smart solutions allow every gym to improve member support and strengthen customer loyalty.

Digital training support with the eGym Trainer app

The eGym Trainer app is the future for customer management and member support for gyms. It is available for download from the App Store and has been optimised for the iPad Mini. The app can also be used independently of eGym strength equipment. Key benefits of the Trainer app for gym operators:)

  • Optimal support for members, more effective management of trainers
  • Increased customer loyalty

Trainers use the app on an iPad in the workout area, placing all important information at their fingertips. The main features of the Trainer app are:)

  • Direct access to all member data.
  • Overview of outstanding tasks.
  • Display of contract expiry dates and other critical events.
  • Results of the health check can be easily documented and tracked. (or similar, important is the term health check)
  • Creation of training plans from over 700 exercise templates.
  • Results and analyses of various fitness tests.
  • Trainers are kept informed about members activities, allowing them to take a more targeted approach to customers.
  • Additional features provide assistance with routine tasks.
  • Regular updates.

The eGym Trainer app opens up completely new possibilities for effective customer support. Workouts are recorded digitally, allowing trainers to track all activities on a customers current training plan – while intelligent filters and automatic notifications ensure targeted approaches to members at precisely the right moment. The trainer can provide customers with optimal support directly in the workout area. Simple features and regular enhancements to user friendliness provide fitness trainers with valuable assistance for routine tasks. The Trainer app is therefore a practical and useful complement to a gyms member management software.