The eGym Fitness app

Seamless communication even outside the gym

Training support no longer ends when members train outside of the gym.

The eGym Fitness app allows constant contact between trainers and members

  • Erhältlich für iOS und Android
  • Kostenlos im App Store und Google Play Store

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The eGym Fitness app for end users

A wide range of fitness apps can now be found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Development is being driven in particular by the increasing digitalisation of the fitness market. The apps offer a wide range of features, from recording workouts to instructions for performing movements, personalised fitness programmes and rankings for comparisons with friends and other users. These apps are either tailored to a particular target group or cover a wide range of workouts and requirements. They allow everyone – men, women, beginners or experienced athletes alike – to create a training plan and start working on the exercises specified by the app for their personal level. They give users a wide variety of options. In view of the current trend towards fitness apps, operators and trainers should familiarise themselves with this area, to allow them to advise their members more effectively and identify the importance of these apps for themselves and their gym. Many gym members now regard fitness apps as essential support for their training. But what benefits do members use of these apps bring the gym?

Fitness apps are perfect companions for gym workouts

Fitness apps are ideal for gym members as they allow them to record sessions at the gym as well as other activities outside the gym. This gives them an overview of all workouts in their user profile in the app and/or in their account on the providers website. They can show this data to trainers. This is very useful for tasks such as creating a training plan as it gives the trainer an insight into the members training behaviour. The recorded data is also useful for health checks and other analyses. It makes it easier to link physical changes to specific training routines.

Fitness apps for use in gyms help to create customer loyalty and attract new members.

In ideal scenarios, they can even increase customer loyalty. The recording of information gives members a constant overview of their training behaviour and helps them to easily track their progress. Rankings boost motivation by allowing members to compare themselves with other users. The more motivated a member is, the more likely he or she will be to visit the gym.

The eGym Fitness app: plan, carry out and record training, and much more. (Satz ist nicht rund, bitte verbessern)

The eGym Fitness app allows users to record workouts anywhere and any time, collect points and compare their performance with friends. Training results are automatically synchronised with the eGym portal on the website. Performance is analysed in detail and improvements over recent weeks are tracked. eGym Fitness app users who previously used RunKeeper to record their workouts or Withings to track their weight now have the option of linking their accounts. All data is then transmitted automatically, eliminating the need for separate entries in the eGym account. Trainers can also view all recorded workouts in the Trainer app. Examples of the features available in the eGym Trainer app:

  • Add templates and exercises.
  • Access training plans created by the trainer.
  • Record workout performance.
  • Collect points and compare results with friends in the fitness team or other gym members.
  • Track training progress based on completed and scheduled workouts.
  • Access a catalogue of over 500 exercises including instructions and animations showing how to execute the movements.

The eGym Fitness app is a practical companion for gym workouts and outdoor activities. In addition to the wide range of features it offers to gym users, it also enables operators and trainers to maintain contact with members outside the gym. The eGym Fitness app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play and the App Store.