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Strength equipment

eGyms fully electronic equipment is intelligently configured. It is designed to promote optimal use of capacity and personalised training.

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The Trainer app allows a whole new level of precision in training management and improves the quality of individual support.

Lead generation programme

eGym uses efficient online and offline marketing actions in gym environments to send targeted messages to potential new customers.

From beginners to competitive athletes – everyone trains successfully with eGym.

A single trainer can support all members working out on the circuit simultaneously and individually.

The integrated screen on each exercise station gives users a clear overview of their training at all times.

Even if no trainer is at their side.

The integrated screen on each exercise station gives users a clear overview of their training at all times. The integrated screen on each exercise station gives users a clear overview of their training at all times.

The training curve indicates the correct range of motion and speed.

Different training methods provide the muscles with continuous new stimulation to keep workouts varied and challenging.

The integrated screen on each exercise station gives users a clear overview of their training at all times. The integrated screen on each exercise station gives users a clear overview of their training at all times.

Regular measurements of maximum strength are used to automatically calculate and continuously adjust the optimal training weight on each exercise station.

eGym training is designed to prevent incorrect loading and promote continuous progress.

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eGym Fitness

Fitting out a gym with the right strength equipment is a challenge for any gym operator.

Whether you are opening a new gym or expanding an existing facility, it is a major undertaking. Given the relatively infrequent nature of this exercise, it raises many unfamiliar challenges for gym operators. Choosing the right fitness equipment for your gym is a very complex task, involving extensive research and price and performance comparisons. Selection of the manufacturer and products is another very significant consideration. Market trends should also be considered. Many of these trends come from the USA. The fitness sector is continuously evolving and members want to train on the very latest cutting-edge strength and cardio equipment. At the moment, digitalisation is having a huge effect on the fitness sector. Cardio machines with monitors and Internet connections are now a familiar sight in the fitness market, joined more recently by fully electronic strength equipment giving users an overview of their training on screens. For gym operators, the sheer variety of products can be confusing. What general factors should be observed when selecting new fitness equipment?

Considerations for gym operators when purchasing new fitness equipment

An Internet search for cardio and strength equipment will return numerous hits, listing different suppliers, brands and manufacturers. The selection is huge. The offerings vary in terms of price, appearance, quality, material, functionality and more. As a general rule, when faced with a list of fitness machines: "known brands are expensive" and "design costs more". To filter the wide selection of strength equipment available on the market, it is essential to clearly define the intended purpose. This should ideally be based on the gyms objectives and vision. This will then clarify the specific features required. For example, a gym focusing on rehabilitation sports and functional training will be looking for a supplier of equipment that supports gentle exercises designed to promote health. Once you have defined the purpose, you can then apply this criterion to restrict the search to producers in this specific sector.

Check ratings to draw up a shortlist of equipment manufacturers and products.

Ultimately, it is up to each gym operator to decide which manufacturer will equip his or her training area. There is often a huge variety of machines even within individual manufacturers product portfolios. Consult various online test platforms or check out fitness magazines for tips. You can find ratings of manufacturers here as well as explanations of the equipment ranges. In many cases, there is also a useful list of the names of individual exercise stations. For more detailed explanations, you can contact manufacturers directly. They will often invite you to try out the fitness equipment before you buy it, to support your decision. To guarantee that the equipment is in perfect working order, it is best to purchase directly from the manufacturer. This will often bring additional benefits, such as free maintenance and repairs.

Configuration of strength equipment: a circular training circuit is a very popular option.

Once you have made your selection, the next challenge is often defining the most appropriate configuration in your space. Strength equipment can be arranged freely or configured in a structured circuit. In particularly complex layouts, it is advisable to seek advice from an interior designer. A little tip: some fitness equipment suppliers offer a free layout planning service when you purchase or lease their exercise stations. As well as individual standalone exercise stations, strength circuits are another popular option in gyms. The circular configuration of the stations creates a clear sequence of exercises, which automatically speeds up training. The waiting times associated with individual standalone stations are rare. Short breaks between exercise stations provide optimal training for the cardiovascular system. This helps to burn more calories and reduce the percentage of body fat. Another benefit is full-body training: a specific configuration of exercise stations ensures coverage of all major muscle groups. No muscles are neglected or overworked. In addition to free weights and individual exercise stations, the inclusion of a strength circuit in the training plan is therefore highly recommended.